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A list of books and videos available for check-out in the YSC library.


Science books may be checked out from the YSC library by parent members for free.

The Science Center has over 230 videos in its library.  Parents may check them out for a donation of $1 per week per video. A list of available titles is below.

New Video Titles (list updated 5/1/03)
"Going Underground" is a 17-minute production on the California Burrowing Owl. The video discusses the environmental factors and human population pressures affect it. For middle school and older.

Other new video titles include:

  • The Best of JPL
  • The Shuttle Collection
  • Solar System Visualization
  • Science Education in Space
  • Project Math (CalTech High School)
  • Apollo Collection


Video Library (listed by category)

  • Earth Science
  • Physical Science
  • Scientific Investigation
  • Featherly's Fable (Performed by Hastey Pudding Puppet Co.) (Primary grades)
  • Images of Nature (K-12)
  • Dorling-Kindersley Eyewitness Series
  • The Discovery Channel
  • Finley-Holiday Series
  • Magic School Bus Series
  • Other Titles 

3-2-1 Classroom Contact (Grades 4-6)   (15 minutes each)

 1.  Antarctica:  Getting to the South Pole
 2.  Crystals:  They're Habit Forming
 3.  Erosion:  Earth is Change
 4.  Fossils:  Remains to be Seen
 5.  Ocean Environments: 3-D Sea
 6.  Volcanoes:  Too Hot To Handle
 7.  Water Cycle:  Go With The Flow
 8.  Animal Vision:  Eye of the Beholder
 9.  Antarctic Animals:  Living on the Edge
10.  Australian Mammals:  Life Down Under
11.  Bioelectricity:  The Shocking Truth
12.  Classification:  The Order of Things
13.  Digestion:  The Inside Story
14.  Flying Animals:  Winging It
15.  Food Chains:  Eat and Be Eaten
16.  Innate and Learned Behavior:  How Do They Know What?
17.  Social Behavior:  Living in Groups
18.  Training Animals:  Learning New Tricks 

19.  Air Is Matter:  Air Is There
20.  Friction:  Getting a Grip
21.  Generating Electricity:  More Power to You
22.  Gravity/Weightlessness:  Measuring G's
23.  Light and Color:  Living Color
24.  Motion and Forces:  Play Ball
25.  Refraction:  Facts of Light
26.  Surface Tension:  BUBBLE-ology

27.  How Do You Know:  Collect the Data
28.  How Do You Know:  Dig It Up!
29.  How Do You Know:  Experiment!
30.  How Do You Know:  Make a Model  

FEATHERLY'S FABLES (Performed by Hastey Pudding Puppet Co.) (PRIMARY) (15 minutes each)
31.  Rocks and Minerals:  Formation
32.  Rocks and Minerals:  Uses
33.  Rocks and Minerals: Properties
34.  The Seasons:  Fall and Winter
35.  The Seasons:  Spring
36.  The Seasons:  Summer
37.  Living/Non-Living/Once Lived: Identification
38.  Living/Non-Living/Once Lived:  Evidence of Past Life
39.  Living/Non-Living/Once Lived:  Grouping
40.  Forces:  The Law of Motion
41.  Forces:  Simple Machines
42.  Computers:  What are They?
43.  Computers:  Special Computers
44.  Computers:  What They Can/Can't Do
45.  Change:  Changing Matter
46.  Change:  Living Things
47.  Change:  The Changing Earth
48.  Light:  The Sun is the Source
49.  Light:  Transparent, Translucent, Opaque
50.  Light:  Light and Shadows  

IMAGES OF NATURE (K-12)  (25 minutes each)
51.  How Does it Grow
52.  Who's There
53.  The Eggs
54.  The Eater and the Eaten:  Spider; cuttlefish; viper; chameleon; otter
55.  The Eater and the Eaten:  Dragonfly, sea anemone, ant lion; praying mantis;
       carnivorous plant; birds of prey
56.  Let's Eat:  Caterpillar and butterfly; cicada; turtle; desert life; shrimp
57.  Let's Eat:  Hedgehog, sea slug; water scorpion; aphids; ants; ladybug; fruit bat
58.  Births:  Dung beetle; cicada; ladybird; mole cricket; locust; stickleback
59.  Births:  Flamingo; hornet; mosquito fish; frog; cricket; cavy
60.  Births:  Pond snail; penguin; white fly; paramecium; seal; cabbage butterfly
61.  Births:  Caterpillar; aphid; treefrog; wild boar; tortoise; viper 

62.  Dinosaurs
63.  Shark
64.  Bird
65.  Skeleton
66.  Jungle
67.  Insect
68.  Dog
69.  Reptile
70.  Cat
71.  Amphibian
97.  Pond & River
98.  Ape
99.  Butterfly & Moth
100.  Elephant
101.  Desert
102.  Horse
103.  Shell
104.  Tree
105.  Prehistoric Life
106.  Weather

107.  Emperors of Anarctica
108.  Great White Shark
109.  In The Company of Whales
110.  The Great Bear
111.  Tornado, Hurricanes and Floods
112.  T-Rex: The Ultimate Guide
113.  Wild Animals

74.  Antarctica  (40 min.)
75.  Discover California (60 min.)
76.  History of Flight  (60 min.)
77.  History of Space Flight (60 min.)
78.  On Robot Wings  (30 min.)
79.  Ring of Fire  (IMAX)  (40 min.)
80.  Tropical Rainforest  (IMAX)  (40 min.)
81.  U.S. Space & Rocket Center  (55 min.)
82.  The New Solar System  (60 min.)
83.  The Universe  (30 min.)
84.  The Construction of Hoover Dam (20 min.)
85.  Narrow Gauge Railroads of Colorado (55 min.)

Gets Lost In Space
Flexes Its Muscles
For Lunch
Gets Ants in its Pants
Gets Eaten
Gets Energized
Gets Lost in Space
Goes to Seed
Going Batty
Hops Home
In a Beehive
Inside the Haunted House
Inside Ralphie
Kicks up a Storm
Out of this World
Plays Ball
Ready, Set, Dough
Spins a Web
Taking Flight
The Busasaurus

72.  Road Construction Ahead (25 minutes)
73.  Gems, Metal and Minerals
86.  West to Oregon (30 min.)
87.  Exploring Our Solar System
88.  Where There's A Will There's An A (How to study)
89.  Houston, We've Got A Problem  (Apollo 13)
90.  Big Trains and Toy Trains (32 min.)
91.  More!  Big Trains and Toy Trains (32 min.)
92.  Hocus Pocus Promise (Circus: 30 min.)
93.  PBS The Dinosaurs: Flesh on the Bones  (60 min.)
94.  PBS The Dinosaurs: The Nature of the Beast  (60 min.)
95.  PBS The Dinosaurs: The Death of the Dinosaur (60 min.)
96.  PBS The Dinosaurs: The Monsters Emerge (60 min.)
114.  The Hubble Telescope
115.  It Takes A Tree
116.  All About Eggs
117.  All About Eggs (In Spanish)
118.  Your Science Project:  K-3 and 4-6 (w. Handbook)
119.  Experiments with the Microscope (w. Teacher's Handbook)
120.  How A Car Is Made
121.  Giant Construction Equipment
122.  Farm Adventure
123.  Rescue Adventures
124.  See What Microscopes Are About
125.  Science Projects; Butterfly Story
126.  Let's Draw
127.  Aims Fractions
128.  Hard Hat Harry: Fire Trucks
129.  Hard Hat Harry: Space Shuttle
130.  Hard Hat Harry: Space
131.  Hard Hat Harry: Lumberjacks
132.  Hard Hat Harry: Auto Mechanics
133.  Legend of Legs: Millipedes, Scorpions (24 min.)
134.  Canada: The Train Journey
135.  Tale of the Beaver (25 min.)
136.  Come Into My Parlor: Spiders (24 min)
137.  Bitten By The Bug (24 min)
138.  The Lobster Lobby (24 min)
139.  Creatures of the Sea
140.  Ocean Life
141.  UC Berkeley Tour (2 hours)
142   Newton's Apple: Odyssey to Antarctic
143.  Newton's Apple: Robots Special
144.  Newton's Apple: The Rainforest
145.  Arctic Expeditions
146.  Equator Special
147. Rainforest Researchers (in separate with CD-ROM package)
148.  Scheewe Art Workshop: Evening/Fall Blossoms/Tea Time
149.  Scheewe Art Workshop: Sunflower/Morning Mist/Winter Textures
150.  Scheewe Art Workshop: Evening Snowfall/Fall of Roses/Tiger
151.  Scheewe Art Workshop: Shades of Green/Autumn/Winter/Snow
152.  Scheewe Watercolor Techniques for Everyone
153.  Scheewe Water Color Painting with Children!  8 Lessons.
154.  See How They Grow: Forest Animals   30 min
155.  See How They Grow: Pond Animals   30 min
156.  Treepeople Environmental Leadership Tinka's Planet 12 min.
157.  It Takes A Tree (Pacific Logging Congress)   15 min.
158.  An Eggcellent Adventure from Nest to Market 12 min.
159.  The Egg Ranch Gang 20 min.  Calif Egg Commission
160.  The Magic Schoolbus:  Inside Ralphie
161.  A Walk in the Woods & A Child's  Guide To The House.  Trees and the habitat. 
162.  Letter on Light Blue Stationery.  (Not a science title, but a very good animated video on how a young girl deals with the loss of a classmate.  30 minutes).
163.  Flinn Scientific: An Evening of Chemistry
164.  The JPL-NASA Story
165.  NASA - Apollo II
166.  Science Education from Space
167.  The Travels of Voyager
168.  The Shuttle Collection
169.  Feather River Fish Hatchery; the California Water Story
170.  Animals
171.  The Best of JPL
172.  Reading Rainbow: Snow Day: Stories, Poems, Iditarod
173.  Reading with Peter Cottontail
174.  The Very Hungry Caterpillar
175.  What Do You Know About H2O?
176.  Water - Who Needs It?
177.  The Friendly Gray Whales
178.  Watching the Whales
179.  Dolphins
180.  My Trip to Baja -- John Olguin
181.  Common Ground - Modern Mining and You
182.  Let’s Make a Pencil - The Inside Scoop on Making Pencils
183.  JPL Solar System
184.  I Wanna Be a Train Engineer
185.  I Wanna Be a Fire Fighter
186.  Tell Me Why: Flight
187.  Smaller Than the Eye Can See (Pond Water)
188.  Saving the Rain Forst Is For the Birds
189.  The Magic of Cells
190.  Protists (Microscope studies)
191.  Science of Magic
192.  Creatures of the Pond
193.  I Need the Earth
194.  Weightlessness and the Space Station
195.  The Shuttle Collection
196.  Dinosaurs, “I’m The Baby”
197.  The Magic School Bus Gets Lost in Space
198.  Rainforest Animals
199.  Wild Wolves
200.  Webs of Intrigue (Spiders)
201.  Eyewitness: Fish
202.  Tarantulas
203.  Bugz (Insects)
204.  Eyewitness: Rock and Minerals
205.  Magic School Bus: Goes Batty
206.  Magic School Bus: Goes to Seed
207.  Magic School Bus: Kicks Up A Storm
208.  Magic School Bus: Butterflies!
209.  Magic School Bus: Blows Its Top
210.  Magic School Bus: Flexes Its Muscles
211.  Magic School Bus: Getting Energized
212.  Magic School Bus: Hops Home
213.  Magic School Bus: Out of This World
214.  Magic School Bus: “Bus”asaurus
215.  Magic School Bus: Inside the Haunted House
216.  Magic School Bus: Ready, Set, Dough
217.  Magic School Bus: In a Beehive
218.  Magic School Bus: Plays Ball
219.  Magic School Bus: Gets Ants in Pants
220.  Magic School Bus: For Lunch
221.  Magic School Bus: Spins A Web
222.  Magic School Bus: Gets Eaten
223.  Magic School Bus: Taking Flight                
224.  The Best of JPL
225.  Shuttle Collection
226.  Solar System Visualization
227.  Science Education from Space
228.  Project Math (c.1)
229.  Project Math (c.2)
230.  Apollo Collection
231.  The California Burrowing Owl
232.   Weather
233.  “Tell me Why”
234.  Ocean Life: Creatures of the Sea
235.  The Grizzly Bear
236.  Penguins
237.  Adventures of a Man in Search of a Heart (K-3)
238.  Take Care of Your Heart (K-3)
239.  The Heart That Changed Color
240.  It’s A Heart
241.  Road Construction Ahead.  (c. 2)
242.  Taking Care of Corey (c. 1) (Dog Training)
243.  Taking Care of Corey (c.2) (Dog Training)
244.  Magic: Jaw Droppers Volume 1
245.  Magic: Jaw Droppers Volume 2
246.  Where Did They Go?: A Dinosaur Update
247.  The Egg Ranch
248.  The Tale of Samuel Whiskers
249.  The Tale of Peter Rabbit
250.   The Tale of Tom Kitten
251.  Casper Movie
252.  Casper Cartoon
253.  Dumbo
254.  Winnie the Pooh, “There’s No Camp like home.”
255.  Winnie the Pooh, “Wind Some, Lose Some”
256.  Richard Scarry’s Best Busy People
257.  Dr. Seuss “Hop on Pop”
258.  The Ugly Duckling
259.  A Visit From St. Nicks
260.  Magic Schoolbus: Goes to Seed
261.  Magic Schoolbus: Gets Eaten
262.  The Trials fo Life
263.  Energy in Action: Mechanical Energy
264.  Energy in Action: Electromagnetic Energy
265.  Energy in Action: Nuclear Energy
266.  Energy in Action: Heat and Chemical Energy
267.  Energy in Action: Potential and Kinetic Energy
268.  Energy in Action: Transfer of Energy
269.  Energy in Action: Energy Resources
270.  Energy for Children: All about Energy Uses

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