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October - November 2009, Vol 47, Issue 5
October - November  2009, Vol 47, Issue 5

October - November  2009
Vol 47, Issue 5

16949 Wedgeworth Dr., Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

Founded 1962

 Letter from the President/CEO
Dear Friends of the Youth Science Center:

This month, we've been gearing up for our 25th Anniversary Celebration Gala:
Reaching for the stars. The Gala is an opportunity to recognize a select group
of partners, friends of the YSC, as well as those who have taken science and
technology to the next level. This year, we are honored to have Fritz Coleman
as the MC. We are also proud to honor the following for their contribution to
education and kids: Wedgeworth Elementary-Community Partner, Valley Vista
Services-Corporate Philanthropy, Patricia Smith-Teacher of the Year, Peter
Vandeventer-Alumni. These are individuals and organizations that have guided
and supported us throughout the years.

Now, more than ever, integrative and effective hands-on science education
is of utmost importance. Along this path, a continual effort will be made to
create awareness of the YSC as well as the importance of science education
for children. We will continue to work on expanding the YSC, as well as create
even more educational opportunities for all children. In the coming months
through next year, we will continue to focus on conservation and environmental
programs, as well as potential programs for preschoolers and high school kids.

As always, door is always open! I hope to see you all at the Gala.

Many thanks,
Ling-Ling Chang
President & CEO

YSC 25th Anniversary Dinner November 6th
  Mark your calendar for November 6 and help celebrate the YSC's 25th anniversary of operation at
Wedgeworth School with a gala dinner and awards ceremony at Pacific Palms Conference Resort in
the City of Industry!   The event will start at 6 pm with a silent auction and social hour and the
dinner will begin at 7 pm. 

Master of ceremonies will be Emmy Winner Fritz Coleman, popular KNBC weather man.  Fritz

Honorees at the dinner will be Wedgeworth School (Community Partner), Valley Vista Services (Community Philanthropy), Peter Vandeventer (Alumni Award) and Patricia Smith (Teacher of the Year)

SWA    Southwest Airlines is again donating 2 round-trip tickets to any place on their continental route map.  Tickets are $5 each of 5 for only $20.   The drawing will be held November 6, 2009 at the YSC's annual dinner at Pacific Palms.  The winner need not be present.  Drawing tickets are available now for purchase at the YSC office in Room 8 at Wedgeworth School.  You may also purchase tickets by mail -- send in your name and address along with a check to YSC SWA Ticket Drawing, 16949 Wedgeworth Drive,
Hacienda Hts, CA 91745.   The tickets are valid through November 6, 2010.

Stay Informed!

To add your name to our mailing list,

Send a request with your first and last name and email address to:
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Annual Dinner Nov 6
YSC Donations
YSC Activities
Rorimer Podcast
Water Education Programs
API Scores for 2009
Kids Need Good Breakfast
Cal Tech Rated 4th
Tethered to Home
Becoming Teachers
Minigrant Program
Water Fest 2090
48th Ag District News
Support the Youth Science Center
Please consider make a year-end donation to the Youth Science Center.  Your donation will help support our programs!  
Please send your tax-deductible check in any amount to:

       Youth Science Center
       16949 Wedgeworth Drive
       Hacienda Hts, CA 91745

YSC Summer Activities


   Judy Dominguez assembles a comet with dry ice and other materials.  Judy is our NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador
and 1999 National Aerospace Teacher of the Year

Pam Leestma Class

   Simulated Space Experiment in Pamela Leestma's Class.  Pam received the National Star of Teaching Award in 2008.

Wood working

    Wood working instructor Lyle Majeska showing students the finer points of using a miter box

Crazy Chemistry

  Future scientists at work in "Crazy About Chemistry" with teacher's aide Rachel Lottie.

Computer Graphics

   Instructor Paul Burns showing students how to build their own web pages

Summer Volunteers 2009

   YSC Classroom Aides Celebrate End on the Last Day of Summer Camp With Pizza.  Seated on the  front
row are William Yang (Los Altos High School), Selena Lue (Los Altos High School), Ashley Shatola (UC Berkeley)
and Rachelle Lottie.   In the back row are  Alice Yang (Wilson High School), Alex Tunque (Damien High School),
Joshua Cheung (Troy High School), Jonathon Ruiz (South Hills High School), Ashton Pike (Diamond Bar High
School, and Areya Petchtone (Diamond Bar High School)

Hangar Prosthetics

    Technician at Hangar Prosthetics demonstrating how an artificial leg is constructed

San Dist 2009

   Sam Pedroza describes the steps in treating waste water at the San Jose Creek Water Treatment Plant in North Whittier
Rorimer Podcasting Class Sparks Student Interest

  Rorimer Podcast Class 2009

   YSC Instructor Troy Majeska getting students on cue to record a voiceover segment.  iMovie software is used with Mac computers.
The YSC launched a new podcasting class at Rorimer Elementary in the Rowland District in September.  YSC instructor
Troy Majeska is teaching the class to a group of 4th, 5th and 6th graders.  The class teaches the practical and technical aspects of Audio/Video recording, sound engineering, journalism, and public speaking.  Not to mention how to script, produce, and publish a PodCast - one of the most effective ways to reach the young students.  The class meets twice a week after school for 90 minutes.
After the class ends, the Rorimer students will continue to produce their own podcasts for all of the school's students.  The class was funded by Rorimer School and the Beckman Coulter Corporation.   To see and hear the Rorimer Royals Podcasters,
click on the following link to Rorimer and go to Podcast.


The YSC water education outreach program for public and private school 5th grade
classes continued with classes at Potrero Elementary in El Monte in March.
  Since the program began in May 2008, over 800 students have participated in this
program about water and conservation.

 The program is underwritten by the Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District
(a water wholesaler which supplies local water districts) and the Sanitation Districts of
 Los Angeles County.  The free program consists of three 50-minute hands-on lessons
 followed by an optional field trip to the San Jose Creek Water Treatment Plant in
 north Whittier.  Each students receives a 21-page student workbook to go along with
 the lessons.  Eligible schools must be in the USGVWD service area.  See map.

Contact the YSC at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to have the program at your school.  This
school year we have given programs to Baldwin Academy, Del Valle Elementary,
Sunset Elementary, Mesa Robles Elementary, Nelson Elementary, Temple Academy
and Potrero El Monte.   The program ended the semester with classes at Bixby Elementary.
Call for more information or to schedule a program next fall for your public or private school
5th graders!  The fall semester began with a series at Los Robles Academy.

Pictured below:  YSC teacher Michele Rega instructs students on how to do pH
measurements on various samples in a class at Nelson Elementary.

Nelson Elem

API Scores for Elementary Schools
 The 2009 API scores for elementary schools in the area which scored 800 or better.  Schools are listed along
with their district.

2009 2008
Pantera /Pomona 969 962
Oak Mesa Elementary /Bonita 957 901
Westhoff (Leonard B) Elementary /Walnut 951 926
Evergreen Elementary /Walnut 943 923
Quail Summit Elementary /Walnut 930 903
Grazide /HLP 927 909
Castle Rock Elementary /Walnut 923 890
Blandford Elementary /Rowland 920 908
Wedgeworth Elementary /HLP 919 930
Sutherland Elementary /Glendora 916 913
Golden Springs /Pomona 913 908
Sellers Elementary /Glendora 911 892
Shull (Arma J.) Elementary /Bonita 910 885
San Jose Charter Edison /W Covina 910 903
Shelyn Elementary /Rowland 905 881
La Fetra Elementary /Glendora 904 882
Oswalt (Stanley G) Elementary /Rowland 904 887
Collegewood Elementary /Walnut 902 893
Maple Hill Elementary /Walnut 902 885
Cullen Elementary /Glendora 898 873
Williams Elementary /Glendora 895 868
Mesa Robles Elementary (/HLP 895 890
Vejar Elementary /Walnut 893 862
Washington Elementary /Charter Oak 885 875
Ybarra Elementary /Rowland 882 881
Gladstone Elementary /Bonita 878 858
Killian Elementary /Rowland 878 867
Los Molinos Elementary /HLP 876 898
Morris Elementary /Walnut 875 842
Laverne Heights Elementary /Bonita 874 869
Miller (Grace) Elementary /Bonita 874 836
Cedargrove Elementary /Charter Oak 857 828
Vine Elementary /W Covina 853 836
Walnut Elementary /Walnut 847 822
Mesa Elementary /Covina Valley 846 834
Barranca Elementary /Covina Valley 835 795
Merlinda Elementary /W Covina 821 825
Stanton Elementary /Glendora 813 816
Allen Avenue Elementary /Bonita 812 817
Jellick Elementary /Rowland 786 771

SAT Scores Steady for Class of '09
August 26, 2009
By SAM DILLON - New York Times
Average SAT scores in reading and writing declined by one point this year, while math scores held steady, according to a report on the high school class of 2009 released Tuesday by the College Board.

Average scores on the ACT, the other major standardized test used for college admissions, were also flat, according to data released last week.

Average scores on the three sections of the SAT were 501 in critical reading, 493 in writing, and 515 in mathematics. Scores for each section of the test range from 200 to 800.

Average scores last year, for the high school class of 2008, were 502 in reading, 494 in writing, and 515 in math.

More than 1.5 million college-bound seniors took the SAT, the largest group that had ever taken the test. It was also the most diverse, with 40 percent of test takers belonging to minorities, an increase from 38 percent last year and 29 percent a decade ago.

Hispanic students were the fastest-growing minority, accounting for 13.5 percent of test takers, compared with 7.8 percent in 1999.

Girls outperformed boys, on average, by 13 points on the writing test, but scored 35 points lower than boys in math and 5 points lower than boys in critical reading, the College Board report said.

The average scores for all three sections of the test directly reflected students' family wealth. Students from families with an annual income above $200,000 scored, on average, 68 points higher in critical reading than students from families earning less than $20,000 per year, with similar disparities for math and writing.

An even sharper correlation showed up between students' average scores and the highest educational attainment of their parents. Students whose parents did not graduate from high school averaged 420 in critical reading, 139 points lower than students whose parents had a graduate degree, who averaged 559.

Familiar ethnic and racial gaps also appeared in the average scores.

In critical reading, non-Hispanic white students on average scored 528, compared with 516 for Asian students, 455 for Hispanic ones and 429 for African-Americans. In math, Asian students averaged 587, compared with 536 for non-Hispanic whites, 461 for Hispanics and 426 for blacks. In writing, Asians averaged 520, compared with 517 for non-Hispanic whites, 448 for Hispanics and 421 for blacks.

The one-point declines in reading and writing this year mean little in the long term, said Laurence Bunin, a senior vice president at the College Board, the nonprofit group that sponsors the SAT.

Over 30 years, however, average math scores have increased 22 points, from 493 in 1979 to this year's score of 515.

"That increase does appear to be meaningful," Mr. Bunin said. Over the same period, scores in critical reading have declined, on average, by four points.

Kids Need A Good Breakfast Every Morning

Aside from its nutritional value, the morning meal helps kids learn
By Jim Steinberg, Staff Writer, SGV Tribune
August 19, 2009

Breakfast: the forgotten meal.
People are too busy to make time for it and a big lunch is just a few hours away.

But with school starting back, it's time to give breakfast a place in children's lives.

"It's overlooked in importance," said Julie Maniord, a public health nutritionist in San Bernardino County.

But multiple studies have confirmed that a good breakfast means better memory, increased concentration and fewer stomach aches.

Even absenteeism drops among children who have breakfast, Maniord and other health professionals say.

Karen Ho, clinical nutrition manager for Methodist Hospital in Arcadia, said that when the body lacks fuel, brain function suffers. Children frequently feel sleepy in class when they haven't had breakfast.

Stay away from empty calorie foods - those with refined sugars and white flour, she said.

Look for grains with a high fiber content. And be sure to include something with protein and calcium. Milk and yogurt fills both needs, she said.

For a comprehensive list of good breakfast items, Maniord recommends the Web site The site offers recipes for healthy breakfast items like banana berry pancakes and papaya boats.

CalTech Rated 4th in the US
Caltech ranks 4th on magazines list of best colleges in the country

By Emma Gallegos, Staff Writer, SGV Tribune
August 20, 2009

The popular U.S. News & World Report rankings of national universities are out for 2010 - and Caltech in Pasadena moved up two spots from last year to tie with MIT, Stanford University and the University of Pennsylvania for fourth place.

Harvard University and Princeton University tied for the top spot, and Yale University took the No. 3 spot.

Caltech also maintained its No. 4 ranking as one of the top undergraduate engineering programs in the country. It was also ranked No. 2 for schools where students leave with the least amount of debt, and No. 8 in the "Great Schools, Great Prices" category.

Occidental College ranked No. 33 on a list of national liberal arts colleges topped by Williams College.

Tethered to Home at College

By Shannon Colavecchio
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

(When the editor was in college, calling home was rarely done.  This was years before the age of cell
phones, the Internet and social networking.  Calling home meant depositing coins in the hallway phone for 3 minutes.)
Does anyone remember when dialing "O" got a real live operator to make a station-to-station or person-to-person call?)

When University of Florida administrator Jeanna Mastrodicasa was a student living in a dorm at the University of Georgia, she had to dial collect to call home. And she didn't do it all that often.

Fast forward two decades, and you find college students like Tiana Johnson, who talks to her mother every day, "maybe every couple of hours." The two also exchange frequent text messages. And they're connected through Facebook, the increasingly popular social networking site that allows Tiana's mother to see pictures and "status updates" documenting Tiana's college experience.

"We talk about family stuff, what I have to do," says Tiana, 18, who just started her second year at the University of South Florida.

So much for going away to college and finding your independence. The umbilical cord is now wireless. With affordable cell phones and instant, 24-hour social tools like Facebook and Twitter, more and more college students today remain close to home, no matter how far away their campus is.

Technology makes it easier than ever for parents to hover, and the college years become just an extended version of high school. Researchers in academia call this phenomenon the "electronic tether."

7 of 10 Parents Want Their Children to be Teachers
 A recent Gallup poll of 1000 Americans revealed that 74% favored their
children becoming public school teachers.

Among the findings:

   Nearly 2/3 favor charter schools

   66 percent believe students should be tested in Grades 3 through 8

   Only 28 percent view No Child Left Behind favorably

   72 percent favor merit pay for teachers

YSC Receives SCE and County Grants
  YSC President and CEO Ling-Ling Chang accepted a $10,000 check from Southern California Edison
on June 22nd.  The funds will be used for program support and summer outreach.  Our thanks to Rick Meza
of Edison for sponsoring the YSC and to the YSC's Teri Malkin for grant writing support.

   Dickie Simmons presented the YSC with a $5,000 check from Supervisor Don Knabe on June 26th.
The funds were used to provide scholarships for students of limited financial means.  Thanks to
Supervisor Knabe for his continued support of our program.
Sunset Elem Starlab   YSC Receives Business Donation
  August 28.  The YSC received a check for $10,000 from Quemetco, Inc.  Plant manager Scott Bevans made the presentation at a ceremony at Quemetco's plant in the City of Industry.  The donation was an unrestricted grant and will be used for
general operating support.   Quemetco is one of 2 automotive battery recyclers west of the Mississippi.  Used batteries are collected
and sent to the Quemetco plant.  The batteries are disassembled and sent through a chemical process to recover lead.  The lead is
sold to battery manufacturers to make new batteries.  The recycling helps to save the environment by reducing the amount of
lead which is mined.

   Pictured below are from left to right,  Jeff Parriott (YSC board member and mayor pro-tem of the City of Industry), Scott Bevans (Vice President and Plant Manager), Ron Chong (YSC Chairman) and Ling-Ling Chang (YSC President)

Quemetco Donation
YSC Launches Saturday Science Program For Migrant Ed Students
  The YSC was selected to be the program contractor to conduct a series of Saturday morning science classes
in Pico Rivera's Rio Vista Elementary School for 50 students in the Migrant Education program in grades K-8.  The students will be divided into 3 classes and will meet for 3 hours for 20 Saturdays starting in November.   The goal of the program is
to improve student performance in reading, writing and math using science instruction.   YSC Project WET instructor Michele
Rega is the director for this program and is responsible for scheduling classes and making sure that everything
running smoothly.   The teachers being used are from our summer programs.   The program is administered by the Los Angeles County Office of Education.

Mike Eng Joins YSC Advisory Board
Mike Eng Assemblyman Mike Eng has joined the YSC Advisory Board.  Eng represents the 49th Assembly
District, which extends from El Monte westward to Alhambra and Monterey Park.  He is chair
the Assembly Transportation Committee and is a member of the California Transportation Commission.
He is also a member of committees dealing with education, housing, labor, business and professions,
and community development.

As a community leader, Eng sponsored several YSC summer science outreach programs which were held
in Monterey Park and El Monte.  He was also honored in 2005 as the YSC Community Partner of the Year.

Eng and wife Congresswoman Judy Chu live in Monterey Park.
YSC Awards Minigrants To Educators
Each year the YSC awards science minigrants to teachers in the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District.
These are grants for up to $400 and are used for materials which are not provided by the district.  Since the
beginning of the program, the YSC has donated over $11,000 to district teachers.

YSC board member and minigrant chairwoman Patricia Smith handed out certificates and checks to the
following teachers at the September 24 HLPUSD board meeting.

Shannon White, a Kindergarten teacher at Sparks Elementary for a plant growing project.

Patrice Stanzione, Special Education teacher at Nelson Elementary for weather and biology materials.

Juliet Elder, Sixth Grade teacher at Sunset Elementary to replace science books and materials which were
lost in a classroom fire.
Arcadia Water Fest Attracts Large Crowd
  San Gabriel Valley Tribune.  October 18, 2009
ARCADIA - Buckets, pie-eating contests and giant cockroaches commingled Saturday for one common cause - water.

Water Fest 2009 treated some 5,000 attendees at Arcadia Community Park to free food, games and prizes.

The Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District organized the event to educate children on the importance of water conservation, district Vice President Charles Trevino said.

"It helps kids understand the tenuous state of our water supply in Southern California," he said. "They have to be the good stewards after we're gone to make sure there's water in Southern California."

Included in Saturday's events were a pumpkin pie-eating contest and a water bucket race to demonstrate to children how much water one person consumers in a day - about 200 gallons.

"We originally wanted them to carry about a fourth of how much water a person uses," volunteer Jesse Gallegos said. "But it was just too heavy for the kids."

The Youth Science Center brought out a Madagascar cockroach, a tarantula, boa constrictor and a python for children to pet and hold.

"We bring our animals because they are as dependent on the water supply as people are," center volunteer Phyllis Vandeventer said. "It's important kids understand that."

Wild flower seeds also were handed out to emphasis how indigenous plants can help conserve water.

"By planting wild flowers people can help reduce how much water they use gardening," water district Chief Financial Officer Evelyn Matilla said.

In addition to water conservation tips, attendees Saturday received buckets - an effort to encourage residents to save water they typically waste, for example, while waiting for water to warm up in the shower.

"We're promoting this so the people can use that water for secondary sources like watering plants," water district President Alfonso Contreras said.

"Less than 1 percent of people conserve that water," he said.

YSC Activities and Announcements

The YSC's digital Starlab Planetarium went on the road to the Northrop Space Technology Center in Redondo
Beach on October 8.

The occasion was an employee open house in celebration of the NASA LCROSS moon shot which took place on
at 4:30 am on October 9th.  Northrop was the contractor which built the satellite.   Judy Dominguez put together
a special lunar program for the employees, who applauded the Starlab presentations.  The goal of the LCROSS
program was to determine the presence of water below the moon's surface -- which has important implications
for possible lunar colonies.

Northrop LCROSS Dominguez

   Judy and Aaron Dominguez at the LCROSS Exhibit at Northrop Space Technology Center on October 8.   Lunar impact was successfully made on October 9, 2009.

Northrop Starlab

  Northrop employees and their families line up to enter the Starlab Planetarium

water fest 09

  YSC Staff and Alverno High School setting up exhibits for the October 18 Water Fest in Arcadia

 A huge congratulation goes to Wedgeworth School for winning the Puente Hills Mall "Earning for Learning Contest"
which was conducted during August and September.  PTA President Katharina Lam and her executive board put out
a great effort to win the $7,500 first prize.

Trevin Murakami received a B.S. degree in engineering from Harvey Mudd, and he is now working on
a Master's degree in engineering at U.C. Davis.

Corbin Murakami is a freshman at Chapman College and is majoring in business marketing with a
minor in graphics design.

Daniel Talancon of La Habra received a B.S. degree with honors in Mechanical Engineering from CalTech.
He is currently at Cal Berkeley pursuing a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering as part of the
doctoral program.

Congratulations to YSC volunteer Selena Lue for winning the Miss Teen Taiwan USA Queen title for 2009.
Selena is a junior at Los Altos High School.

Selena Lue

Enter 2010   Entertainment Books for 2010 Available
  The 2010 editions of the Entertainment Books are now available.  We have the San Gabriel Valley ($25),
Los Angeles ($30), San Fernando Valley ($25), Inland Empire ($20) and Orange County ($35).  Call 626 854-9825 to order your copy.

The books quickly pay for themselves with their many offeres for dining, lodging and entertainment.

 Books can be mailed for a $5 shipping and handling charge, or they can be picked up at the YSC office.
Community Events

Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast.  Saturday, November 14, 2009.  8 to 11 am.   Sausage, pancakes, juice and coffee will
be served at the 39th Annual Pancake Breakfast hosted by the Kiwanis Club of Hacienda Heights.  The breakfast will
be held in the Von's parking lot on Hacienda Boulevard.

Reptile Super Show.  Saturday (10-6) and Sunday (11-5), January 9-10.  At the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds.
For information see   For a $1 coupon, click here.

Schabarum Park Family Bird Walk.  See what kinds of birds are in our local park.  Held the 3rd Sunday each month at 8:00 am.  Meet at the park office.  Free (Parking fee is charged, but you can park on Azusa Avenue and walk in).  All ages welcome, children must be accompanied by an adult.  The walks are led by naturalist Ray Jillson.  The park is located at the southeast corner of Azusa Avenue and Colima Road in Rowland Heights.  Parking is free if you tell the guard that you are there for the bird walk.

The following free admissions are made available by Target

       Bowers Museum, first Sunday of every month.   10 am - 4 pm

       California African American Museum, first Sunday of every month  11 am - 5 pm

       Children's Museum at La Habra,  first Saturday of the month  10 am - 5 pm

       Japanese American National Museum, second Saturday of the month except August 11 am - 4 pm

       Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) federal holiday Mondays from 12 to 8 pm

       Museum of Latin American Art, Every Sunday 11 am - 6 pm

       Orange County Museum of Art, second Sunday of each month
Wedgeworth School Celebrates 40th Anniversary
Wedgeworth School will celebrate its 40th Anniversary together with the 2nd Annual Winter Festival on
November 21st.

A special anniversary program will take place at 2 pm.  Everyone, including former Wedgeworth students, is invited
to attend.  There will be real snow, clown balloons, games and dance performances.  Admission is $5
on November 21st.

Winterfest 2009

Donald Bauman   48th Agriculture District Has Teacher Resources
48th Ag LogoThe 48th Agriculture District office is located on the MSAC campus.   It has a wide variety of teacher resources for agriculture-related topics.  
The materials are free, but teachers must agree to participate in the School's Agriculture and Nutrition Fair, held at the Pomona Fairplex.

The district has assembled teaching materials from diverse sources, and purchase or receive donations of books, hydroponics materials, bread kits, incubators and aquariums and chillers. The resource center provides a one-stop shopping center for teachers - materials for about 60 projects in one place- so they can select a project that coordinates with what they are required to teach in their grades.

The latest online newsletter for July-August can be viewed here.

For more information or to schedule a visit, phone (909) 468-4433 or visit their website

Schools' Agriculture and Nutrition Program
48th District Agricultural Association
June thru September: Monday thru Friday; October thru May: Tuesday thru Saturday
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM (Closed 12 - 1:00 PM)
(909) 468-4433; Fax (909) 468-4439

YSC Partners with Cars4Causes
Cars 4 Causes
Do you have a car or other vehicle, tent trailer or boat which you would like to donate to the YSC? 
We have partnered with to make the process easy.  The YSC
will receive 75% of the net from each vehicle donated through this program.
Click here to go to the YSC/Cars4Causes page.
Recycle Inkjet Cartridges to the YSC
Ink Jet Generic
Please drop off your used inkjet cartridges of ANY BRAND to the YSC in Room 8.   We will use them
to get credit to purchase office supplies.   Thanks for your support!
Jelly BabiesFeatured Items at the YSC Store.

  Zcardz:  We have a new stock of the popular Zcardz.  Each packet has 5 cards which turn into
 3-D models.  The series includes Aircraft, Extreme Vehicles, Flying Aces, Star Fighters and
 Street Racers.   The Zcardz retail for $2.50 -- available at the YSC for only $2.00 each including tax!
 For ages 8 and up.  More Zcardz from the following series are now available:  Dinosaurs, Sky Fighters,
 Motorcycles, Prehistoric Animals, Tanks, Wints and Racecars!  


ZCardz:  3D models of aircrafts and dinosaurs.  Each pack has five models.  Only $2.00 each.

HOT NEW ITEM!   Insect Bracelets and Key Chains In Lucite.  We have a nice selection of insects which

will 'fly off the shelves.'  Regularly $7.99 elsewhere, they are only $4.95 in the YSC store, TAX INCLUDED.  Bracelets are adjustable and made of fabric.

of fabric material.  Imported.

Insect BraceletsInsect Key Chain


   NOW AVAILABLE: Insect 'N Side Candy.   The perfect accompaniment for your insect  bracelet:  An edible

scorpion encased in a amber-colored candy by Hotlix.  Impress your friends!   Only $3 each.   Regular $5.

They are finger-lickin' good, but not for the squeamish.



Eyewitness Kits:  From the maker of Eyewitness Books.  Learn about Whales, Butterflies, Sharks, Fossils, and Space Shuttles, on sale for $10, regularly $11.

Eyewitness 1Eyewitness 2Eyewitness 3Eyewitness 4
Visiting the Hacienda Heights Youth Science Center
The Youth Science Center operates a hands-on science center in Hacienda Heights in Room 8 of Wedgeworth Elementary School. (Map)  Since 1984, visitors have enjoyed our free-of-charge science center.
The Youth Science Center is open Tuesday and Friday from 12:00 P.M. to 3:45 P.M., and Saturday from 11:00 A.M to 2:00 P.M during the school year.
  Visiting guests can also enjoy the Youth Science Center store, which is stocked with various science related materials.  For more information regarding the Youth Science Center please call (626) 854-9825.

The mission of the Youth Science Center is to inform, instruct, and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to discover the excitement of science and technology through exhibits and programs that promote learning through interaction.
New YSC Tee-Shirts Available
red tee shirt
     The new YSC logo with the slogan, Inform, Instruct, Inspire are available for purchase.
The blue and yellow logo can be ordered in red, white, blue and grey materials.  Sizes
available are children's S-M-L-XL and adults S-M-L-X-XL-XXL-XXXL.   Cost is only $10.
Size XXL and XXXL are $3 extra.   This is a fundraising project for the YSC.  Prices are
for pickup at the YSC office.   Tees can be mailed for $3 each for shipping and handling.
To order:  Send a check for the amount to YSC, 16949 Wedgeworth Drive, Hacienda Heights,
CA 91745. 

The Antenna

The official newsletter of the Youth Science Center is published February, April, June, October and December.  The Youth Science Center was founded in 1962 in Fullerton.  The Hacienda Heights branch was established in 1984.  The Youth Science Center's Tax ID Number is 95-2273238.

President and CEO: Ling-Ling Chang
YSC Board of Directors:                                       Hacienda Heights Site Committe:
Chairman: Ron Chong                                            Museum Director: Judy Chong
Vice-Chairman:  Kim Bach                                     Summer Registration:  Carla Neiswender
Treasurer:  William Yuen                                       Summer Director: Phyllis Vandeventer
Secretary:  Walter Clark                                    
                                                                            Star Lab Director: Mariann Hess
Members of the Board of Directors:                     Star Lab Instructors: Judy Dominguez and Mike Vandeventer
Phyllis Vandeventer              Leon Garcia                Museum Aides: Evelyn Fuentes and Doris Hoffman
Patricia Smith                      Manuel Serrano           Member at Large: Rolin Soong and Edy Au
Jeff Parriott                         Vicky Soong                Store Purchasing: Dorothy Chu and Vicky Soong
Jose Romo                                                            Grant Writing: Teri Malkin
                                                                            Antenna Editor: Ron Chong
                                                                            Chair, Executive Comm.: Manuel Serrano
                                                                            Bookkeeping:  Edy Au
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